My plans for Spring makeup

G’day peeps!

Anyone else really looking forward to Spring now? I feel like it’s getting nearer and nearer with the sun coming out a bit more now and the days getting longer. Soon it will be time for all the flowers to come out and I can finally stop wearing about 4 layers to go anywhere haha. Time to break out the bright dresses and slightly lighter tights – hooray!

Another thing I’ve been thinking about is the different colours I can use again for my makeup. Over winter I’ve been wearing a lot of nude brown-ish pink lips and copper / dark golden eye looks but now I’m feeling like I want to brighten it up a bit when the weather gets a little warmer.

(it’s around -1C most mornings in the UK at the moment, I’m so over it)

Something I wore a LOT of last Spring and Summer was coral, in particular my Revlon lipgloss in Kiss Me Coral.


I also have the lipstick in the same shade but I prefer the feel and look of the lipgloss. I recently had a mad rush around the house before a night out when I wanted to wear this and to my dismay I cannot find it. It’s probably past it’s use-by date anyway so I think I need to re-purchase this as I think I will be wearing it a LOT.

On my eyes I usually keep it fairly neutral day to day but I think it’s going to be a lot of light golden / cream colours from my Sleek palette which I forget the name of but looks something like this – 50130269-1_5257 and possibly some light pink shimmers from my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. Maybe even some light lilacs (not with the coral lip of course, yikes).

As per usual my staple got-to for eyes will be a simple cat-eye flick, something that’s so flattering on most eye shapes and I feel makes me feel more ‘me’. It’ll also look ‘da bomb’ with the coral lip (am I down with the kids yet?)

This morning the flick end of my trust Makeup Revolution double ended eyeliner ran out 😦 *sad face* and I’ve honestly never found an eyeliner so easy to apply but wouldn’t mind spending a bit more on it because I use it so often so if you’ve got any suggestions – please let me know! I love the slim felt tip formula of this one.


Blush-wise I need to explore more cream blushes I think. I was watching someone’s Youtube video about spring makeup and they had a delicious looking light creamy blush which made them look so healthy and fresh – definitely something I need to look into.

Maybe like this one? –


Highlight is something I’ve never really been fussed with, I don’t own a single one actually, so I may dip my toes in with some inexpensive but beautiful-looking Makeup Revolution highlighters. Like this one –

8946660737054Let me know if you’re excited for Spring too and all the pretty makeup and fashion choices it brings as well as the beautiful flowers 🙂 (and the cute fluffy lambs too 😀 )


Love love

HannahLouise xxx


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